March for Science, Olympia

Science, not Silence

April 14 @11am

March from the North Capitol Steps to Heritage Park


Be the March for Science in Olympia

The head of the EPA doesn’t believe in climate change. Hazardous sites are being reclassified as, well, not. The CDC has been unable to study gun violence. Science is a method of describing our world as it exists, in spite of what you believe, and our fight to define, defend, and change reality is not over and not forgotten. We are just beginning.



 Last year, you demonstrated in the first ever March for Science right here in Olympia. 5000 concerned citizens showed up with clever signs and chants to march down Capitol Way and meet local organizations making a difference. This year, we still refuse to allow verifiable facts to be swept under the rug in favor of wishes and profits. Break the silence with us April 14 at 11am.

Talk to us about what science means and how #scienceserves our community. Fill out the contact form and share your story.

Do you work with a STEM organization? At science and policy booths, citizens learn more about science and political activism right here in Olympia. See who was there last year. Get in touch with us to be part of the action this year.

We were one of 610 registered SATELLITE MARCHES that people organize across the world. We’ll update this number as we hear about Marches for 2018.

17990849_10211282789378843_4987953190449229801_nRenowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson says The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” Time and time again, the Scientific Method has been shown to prove truths about ourselves and the natural world. Science cannot be disputed. And when scientists tell us that something as dramatic as Climate Change is a real and present danger, we need to listen. We need to act.

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