Say it LOUD: Facts Matter. We Care.

Stewart Lyman put together call-response sets for March for Science Seattle and gifted them to all of us. Put one in your back pocket and shout it LOUD on Saturday!

I don’t know but I’ve been told
Alternative facts are good as gold.

I believe they’re just a lie
Makes me want to puke and cry.


Climate change is real and true
Caused by rising CO2.

Pruitt has a different view
Shows he doesn’t have a clue.


Experiments are a part of science
On these we have a strong reliance.

If you want a cure for cancer
Research is the only answer.


STEM is needed in our schools
Keeps us from becoming fools.

Encourage every child you know
Help their minds expand and grow.


Doing science brings us pleasure
Diversity of views we treasure.

Want to know what brings us bliss
A testable hypothesis.


Fight to save the EPA
Live to see another day.

Air and water need protection
Watch us in the next election.


Facts and data are what we gather
Refute the DC spin and blather.

We are taking to the streets
And will follow up with tweets.


Standing up for truth and facts
We counter falsely launched attacks.

We are proud to March for Science
This is how we show defiance!