We are marching because science is our future and science unites cultures and nations through inspiration and knowledge.

  • As a country, our science and technology sector makes the US a global leader through inspiration, empowerment, and free access to knowledge.
  • Science is key to leading the world on technology, fighting diseases, predicting climate and weather, and managing the environment.
  • We are marching because we want politicians to embrace, publicly defend, and support scientific integrity. Solutions and experts do not come out of thin air, problems do not disappear on their own, modern reality can not be sustained without scientific knowledge and continued investment into our younger generation.


We are concerned about declining science literacy.

  • Science is non-partisan and we need representatives to provide public support for science in education.
  • We need evidence based governance for prosperity, public health, and protection of resources.
  • We share one reality. Science is fragile and vital part to our future successes. When experts are lost, so are their skills.

We are one part of an international movement. You can learn more about the national March for Science here.