Behind the March

What really goes into setting up a march? Here’s a peek behind the scenes at March for Science Olympia.

General Organizing Meetings: 9 Sunday afternoons from January to April

Organizing Team: 30

Man hours: Countless. Thank you to all of our organizing volunteers, every one of you contributed to making our March for Science happen!

Smile for science!
These guys.


Special ‘Thanks!’ to:

  • Marco and David for their direction and leadership.
  • Mary and Kim, wonder women who could have done it all by themselves. I’m glad they let us help, too.
  • Bill, Christopher, Jess, and Barak for their endless energy and enthusiasm.
  • Linda, Jacque, Cris-Jon, and Bev for their stalwort dedication. These folks are always there!
  • Sarah C. and Ryan different C. for bringing in the money, for the shirts and a great excuse to drink beer play trivia.
  • And to Anna and Casey for sharing their home and seeing us through.

Last Year’s Expenses

Updated 4/20/2017. This list does not include in-kind donations or items donated by our crack organizing team.

Paid to For Date Amount
Bonfire tshirts to sell at events 3/22/2017 $247.57
Pure Buttons 250 buttons 3/24/2017 $57.50
Fedex copies 3/26/2017 $3.85
GoDaddy Chris flyers 4/3/2017 $23.93
Olympia Copy flyers 3/29/2017 $23.07
Olympia Copy flyers 3/31/2017 $24.81
GotPrint bus cards 4/4/2017 $18.19
Celebrations tent, stage 4/11/2017 $450.00
Bonfire tshirts to sell 4/4/2017 $222.97
Olympia Copy copies 4/14/2017 $34.25
Olympia Copy copies 4/17/2017 $21.76
DES services 4/20/2017 $485.00
Celebrations tent, stage 4/20/2017 $683.15
TOTAL     $2,296.05

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