Olympia – Science

Leading future generations with knowledge and trust.

A public embracing science is stronger

Science is a non-partisan process and built on curiosity, logic, reproducibility, and principles of integrity, honesty and transparency. Science is a powerful tool to organize and share thoughts using quantitative, critical thinking via the formulations of testable hypothesis.

  • Training and openly promoting the value of science to citizens and in schools fosters curiosity, innovation, and the ability to think  in critical and complex ways – all important pillars of what truely makes America great again!

A government embracing science is stronger

Evidence-based governance advised by science is long-lasting, effective and defensible. Scientific progress in leading countries continues around the world.

  • America openly embracing and leading the scientific progress ensures continued recognition and leadership in a modern innovative global economy.

Science uniting cultures and nations ins stronger

Open and accessible science entices the skills and inspiration of a large pool of talented people. Leadership benefits from access to the intellectual capital of young people and experts from around the world.

  • Critical to a intellectual exchange is a fair and transparent visa process. Which is why threatening immigration threatens our scientific leadership in the future.