You’ll hear from people who are passionate about demanding that we use evidence in policy so that we can all work together for a better world. 

Ann Heitkemper has been a science educator for over 25 years. She has taught biology courses at SPSCC for most of the time but is currently at the University of Washington. In addition to her work in higher education, she has taught science to middle school students in Arizona and in the local Science Olympiad. Ann ran for school board last year because for the first time she felt the need to fight for science.  Some students have voiced denial of climate science and the safety and benefits of vaccination. Some students have shown a disregard for the importance of evaluating information. Ann believes we must promote science literacy and work towards getting more science-minded individuals in government.



Ezra Mead is a 17-year-old High School senior at Capital High School. He is a diploma-candidate for the college-level IB Program. He has been a lead student organizer for the March for Science Olympia. He has been always been passionate about science, and plans to major in Genetics and Cell Biology and become a genetic research scientist.



Lacy Nadeau is a 13 year old activist and environmentalist. She is a life-long Puget Sound area resident and goes to Tumwater Middle School. Over the course of the last year, Lacy has participated in multiple marches, rallies, and youth lobbying events. Lacy is planning the Olympia Zero Hour march for climate action which will take place July 21st at Heritage Park.

dave d 

David Daggett Ph.D. is president of Phonon Energy, who are exploring the feasibility of commercializing Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology to replace fossil fuels.  Dave retired from Boeing as a Technical Fellow in Energy & Emissions.


Jim Peters works with the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission as a Habitat Policy Analyst – he has served as the Natural Resources Director at the Squaxin Island Tribe and additionally worked for the State of Washington. He is a governor-appointed member of the Conservation Commission and lives on Steamboat Island.